Sabtu, 19 Maret 2011

read only for me

~I really want to face the first~I face a lot of acne
okay, maybe now I again puberty, again many many pimples. but not so well, I'm loads of acne today. different from the same friend I was a spotty friend. really sad to see the face I like this.
up until I changed doctors, the beauty doctor KAWI JAYA, beauty doctor ERHA, until the last Rs.Eka Hospital.
hmm doctors say I grew out of hormonal acne.
hormone excess, when I was little body -_-''
I originally did not want medicine physician, tp excessiveacne I've really!

when the hell, I'm clean-rich face first (?) really want oh god :'(
mom said "its key only two PRAY and PATIENT"

I felt, when I was gathering together friends to me. just me bad, I hate to my self I'm less self believe. he heard too much, just because acne became less confident. but this isme. acne that make me life so boring .

I plead to you GOD "i'm wish a speedy recovery, I want myold face, which is far from acne" :""(

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